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Customer Comments and Professional Reviews:


"If your dream is to take control of your future by owning your own business, there’s a great shortcut - buy a business that’s already up and running. Buying a business can accelerate your path to financial independence and eliminate many of the risks of a start-up. The rewards can be immense — but you have to do your homework. And with Richard Parker as your instructor, you’ll be about ten times more likely to succeed!" 
                                              - Donald J. Trump -


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"I've just completed the purchase of an established business with a 30-year history, now retiring its second owner. Your guide was perfect in helping me select this business, especially in assessing its value. Thanks again for your personal attention to my purchase and pursuits."
Gil Takemori- San Jose, CA


"Well, I finally closed on the business. The seller was on an emotional roller coaster. Even on closing day I was concerned on whether or not he would sign. But, he finally did. I would not have been able to go through the entire process without your course and your personal guidance. There were many challenges along the way. I just kept reading and rereading your course throughout. Thank you for all of your help."
Robert Rock, Jr. - Webster, NY


"Just a note to tell you that I have purchased a business and am in the process of completing the transaction. Thanks again for the great course."
John Buso - Watertown, CT


"We wanted to let you know that we did it! Thank you for helping us realize our dreams. Without your program we would have never have felt secure enough to actually purchase a business. The information was sensational and gave us the strength to go forward.  We used the support service several times and always got a quick, informative, and helpful response. So, to all those in the support department, thank you so much for answering all of our small and big questions."
Dean and Stacy Talbot - Glendale, CA


"I'm usually somewhat skeptical of books like yours because they tend to over promise and under deliver. That is certainly not the case with your material. Thank you for sharing what you know in an understandable, practical, applicable manner."
April Howell - Bothell, WA


"As you assisted me in my project to acquire a business, I feel that I should give you some feedback. I completed the purchase and I would like to thank you for the useful advice and information you provided me and to wish you well."
Bryan Richards - Irvine, CA


"The depth of information in the book is astounding.  The time you spent with me on the phone regarding the business I'm looking into has literally saved me tens of thousands of dollars (maybe even the mistake of a lifetime). I would tell anyone who's serious about buying a business to buy this product. I simply can't imagine being successful without it now that I know the right questions to ask."
Jim Verzino - Boston, MA


"Please accept my many thanks for your course on how to buy a business. It has to be one of the best investments I have made regardless of the nominal sum. It not only gave me very sound advice and instructions on every aspect of identifying and purchasing a business, it also gave me the courage to do it."
Jack Moses-Haworth, NJ


"I wanted to thank you again for your advice and let you know how invaluable your course was to me."
Barrett Schultz- Chicago, IL


"The most complete program on buying a business that I have ever read."
Peter Shea- Chairman and CEO - Entrepreneur Magazine -


"I am an Arthur Andersen audit partner and given current events with our firm, my plan is to buy a business to "be in control of my own destiny". By way of background, I have completed acquisition due diligence for approximately 15 acquisitions over my 22 year career and would consider myself pretty good at it. Given my current desire to buy my own business, I thought I would find out what others had to say on the topic. I purchased a book on buying a business from the bookstore, read it in a couple of days and found it somewhat useful. I think the cost of that book was about $10. I had previously identified your book on the internet, but wasn't sure it was worth the download price versus the book store price of other similar books. After looking through the table of contents I decided to download it. That was Friday and this is Sunday afternoon. I just completed the material. While I would consider myself a well informed individual on acquisitions, I found your book very insightful and practical. I clearly got way more than the purchase price value in practical ideas. Great job! This is a very valuable service, even for an expert."
Ross Baldwin- Poway, CA


"Your course has taken much of the guesswork out the process for me. With out your help (and the course) I may not have had the nerve to even make the Letter of Intent offer."
Eric Johnson- Bountiful, UT


"Thank you for your wonderful advice. You really talk and picture the real world challenges of buying business particularly, the first business. I respect your mission of helping others to succeed in their life and aspirations. You are great! Thanks for your support."   
Gholam Subhan- Frisco, TX


“Your book has been a true lifesaver and in about one week I have begun to bang heads with some of my peers in philosophical discussions about buying a business. Many with MBAs are from top schools like UCLA, USC, etc. To be honest, your down and dirty reality based information is letting me crush them pretty good, which has been fun! Thanks again.”
Jason Galetti - San Diego, CA


"This product is fantastic. I love the way you get to the point. I found your section on accounting particularly interesting and useful. My wife and I both have MBAs, so we're no strangers to financials; however, your way of getting to the "meat" is remarkable.  As with most MBAs, our education was rooted in looking at "big" companies. Small businesses are a different animal all together.
Burt Walker- Vine Grove, KY


"This is an absolutely superb resource for every prospective business buyer."
Russell Brown - President, Business Book Press
Leading expert and lecturer on small business valuations


"After twenty years in the corporate world I found myself unemployed. I was so afraid of making an expensive financial error at this stage in my life. I decided to follow your program and in less than five months I purchased an incredible business that has given me a new lease on life, it's doing great and I've never been happier."
Frank L. Williams- Sydney, Australia


"Your after sales support has been terrific and I must say that having the ability to get your ongoing expert advice has truly helped me through this process. You have really delivered great value."
Robert Cori- Scotts Valley, CA


"Thank for your book. I like it's "no B.S." approach. The book gave my wife and me the courage to do just that. As a result, we are just 2 weeks away from taking ownership of a very upscale beauty supply business."
Dennis and Cheryl Chumley - Huntington Beach, CA


"Selecting the right business, in the right industry at the right time is a critical starting point if you are going to be successful. How To Buy A Good Restaurant At A Great Price will help you do just that."
Brian Sher - Author of "What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret"


"I devoured your course in a day and a half. I have evaluated businesses for a number of years; I have an MBA and took courses in finding and managing a small business; but yours is the most complete set of materials I have seen."
Clint Farrell - Briarcliff Manor, NY


"The course gave me the essential information I was looking for, especially as to questions to ask when meeting the owner of a business I wanted to buy. I am now in the process of acquiring this business and will certainly recommend your course to anyone who wants to buy a business. Well done!"
Gary Franklin - Port Richmond, CA


"I found your course to be the best money I have spent. I am searching for a business and am using your material to guide me through the process. Your 10 commandments are a useful tool to help evaluate each business. Your after sales support is outstanding and a complete surprise. I assumed if I send in a question it would take days to get an answer-not hours. I’m sure what I have learned and continue to learn from the course will help me make a more informed decision when I purchase a company."
Bill Kirch - Chicago, IL


“Before I bought my business I read your material cover to cover. The information it provided, and the insight into the process of purchasing a business were invaluable to me. I highly recommend this course to anyone even thinking about buying a business."
Dylan Garland - President - Bizquest -Los Angeles, CA


"I visited your website three times before deciding to buy your download program. I am a research nut and I read about five books on the subject yet I still spent 14 months looking before reading your material. I can't believe how simple your system was to follow. Now that I think about it where were you when I began this process? Best of all, within 90 days of receiving the course, I found, negotiated for and bought a great business and using your techniques I saved a bundle in the process. Thank you for everything."
Denis Simpson- Brookline, MA


"Your examples and guidelines are great. Before I purchased the course I paid to have a supposedly "experienced" business acquisition consultant a $300 retainer to guide me. After reading your course (three days by the way) I had more value, more insight, more perspective, and more guidance than this "pro" could ever imagine. I've sent him on his way. I just can't thank you enough."
Ronald Duguid- Westfield, NJ


"I've worked through two-thirds of your course and I have to say that this is the most comprehensive business buying course in existence! I'm thoroughly impressed by the content (and context) and would gladly recommend it to any and all potential biz buyers."
Brian L. Shawver - Bend, OR


"I found your web site last week and purchased your book today. I have been looking for this kind of information for the last four years and must say this is a truly a God send."
Steve Jones - Keystone Heights, FL


"In my 20 years of self-employment, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on seminars, books and tapes. I have learned more from your course than I have from all of those previous courses combined. Your simple, step-by-step, common sense approach makes it, not only the most comprehensive course on business purchasing, but also the easiest to apply."
Cody Francis - Las Vegas, NV


"This program is exactly what I needed. I am currently looking to purchase an existing business (first timer) and have been disorganized and haphazard. I wish they taught something like this in college. It seems all the skills they teach in universities are only useful when working for companies. This product is certainly value-added."
Henry Wang- Doraville, GA


"The best financial decision I've ever made was going into business for myself. The smartest thing that I did along the way was buying your course. There's no way I could have negotiated such an incredible deal without it. Thank you for the great information."
Stephen Sinclair- Tulsa, OK


"I am a retired auditor with 30+ years of experience and an additional 15 years of concurrent experience in retail. My wife has 10 years experience in the Hospitality and Travel Industry with 10 years of concurrent experience in retail. We are presently in the process of purchasing a retail gift shop for my wife that specializes in high quality unique items. My wife and I bought two books. One at Barnes and Noble titled "So You Want To Own The Store" by Brown and Tilling; the other, your program. While the first book was helpful, we both found it lacking in the necessary information to make our decision. Yours however proved to be invaluable. We liked the detailed examples, formulas, and forms. The "Here's What You Need To Know" and "Required Materials" sections proved to be the most valuable part of the book. We would recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about starting and/or buying a business."
Fred Watson - Pitman, NJ


"I found your course to be an excellent resource and some of the wisest money I have spent."
Drew Fleming - Evans, GA


"I’ve spent 28 years in financial services, most recently as the head of The CIT Group’s US Retail Finance division and formerly as Senior Vice President and Eastern US Manager of KeyBank USA NA. I’m at least smart enough to realize, however, that my background does not make me an expert in the acquisition of “a good business at a great price", as you put it. The time you spent walking me through the Letter of Intent alone was worth the price of the course. Now brokers are calling me with their prime listings before they even hit the market. It's just great!"
Rob Lewis- Cincinnati, OH


"I want to compliment you on your course. I have developed training materials over the course of time, and I know how difficult it is to keep the information factual and appealing. The money spent on this course is the best investment I have made in many a year."
Carol Weinreich- Placerville, CA


"Your program is superb. My only regret is that I had not run across this resource earlier, prior to my last business."
Jeff Boaz- San Diego, CA


"I wanted to tell you how useful my clients have found your material. I cannot believe some of the creative ways they have learned to buy businesses that they could not have done without your information. As a business broker the biggest challenge I face is dealing with uneducated buyers. Your information has changed all of that and has really helped me and my clients. I will surely continue to recommend it to every one of them."
Lorenzo Rodriguez- LMR Brokerage


David Fairley - President -  WebsiteProperties - Yelm, WA - - "I found the depth of knowledge, the resources and sound advice in Diomo’s course to be invaluable. This is a must have buyer's bible for anyone contemplating purchasing a business."



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